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A pulse signifies life, and having a pulse 24-seven is absolutely a necessity. This is true for humans and animals of course, but also for businesses.

Give your business life. Make it work for you 24-seven.

Let us create your business website for you; no need to learn all about how to configure a website. We do it all for you. When we're done we give you the reins and you can post content on your website any time you like. Come and join the growing list of 24-seven members with your own custom domain and website.

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NEWS FLASH! -- Crime takes a vacation in our neighborhood...

As active members of our community neighborhood watch group (NWG), we recently volunteered hundreds of hours of our time building a web based communication system for our local NWG. This project has been very effective in distributing information in a timely way to area residents and helping to substantially reduce crimes in our area. So effective in fact, that local Police want to use our group as a model for the entire state! We'd like to offer this capability to other Neighborhood Watch Groups and Block Watches so you can reap the same benefits. If your NWG is in need of an effective communication platform, please contact us for details.

A demonstration system can be seen by clicking this link. Please note, the site is built as a public-private model, so in order to see all of the available content, you must be a registered user (typically a resident of the area). For this demonstration purpose, we have two demo user accounts available so you can see how it operates. While the general public can see a limited amount of information, there is much more functionality (such as realtime chat) securely available to only registered users. The site employs an income generating advertising component which is turned off for premium (paid) members of your group. When a premium member logs in, they experience an ad-free form of your site. This is the only functional difference between the two demo user accounts and may be turned off completely if you prefer to offer all your membership a completely free site without ads.

To see all three display forms of the site, you can first view as a member of the public (no login) and then try logging in as either 'demo_std' or 'demo_paid' with the password 'Demo2017' to see the full content with or without the sample ads. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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